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Select Sport has sponsored footballs and other football equipment to all our football clubs. They have made a big difference for more than 2000 children in Kenya and Ghana. Their sponsorship plays a huge factor in our project, and without Select Sport, this journey would not have been possible.
Thanks to Select Sport for providing us the facilities to make such a big difference for so many children.


Maersk is sponsoring Sport Creates Memories’ work for a better Africa. They have sponsored and shipped 1,5 tons of football gear to Ghana. This has made a huge difference for over 1,000 children in Ghana. Seven days of football in seven different areas, and for 150 children each place. With the help from Maersk, SCM provided the facilities for the children to enjoy themselves and play football. The children also got to keep their football kit and their football, which means so much for these youngsters.

Flying Bizkit

We feel very lucky to have Flying BizKit as our partner and appreciate all their help to constantly improve Sport Creates Memories. Their mission is to create social impact which is why they have agreed to partner with us. By advising us on our business strategy and growth, organisational development, and communication, they help us on our mission to create better lives for children and their communities. Together we can make even more of a difference.


Skousen has sponsored two football clubs in Ghana. In challenging communities, they have given us the opportunity to spread joy and a solidarity. Playing in a football club is something, many people take for granted, but Skousen has with this sponsorship made dreams come true for these children.
Thanks to Skousen for helping us make a difference.


Brøndby IF has sponsored over 2000 sets of football kits for the children of Ghana and Kenya. At an all-day event arranged by Sport Creates Memories, provided by Brøndby IF, 120 children played football and had fun together. It was a perfect moment for the kids to put aside their daily troubles. At the end of the day, all the children got to keep their football kit, and their football. Receiving those gifts means everything for those kids, and the day created everlasting memories. A huge thanks to Brøndby IF. Their sponsorship has made a huge difference in our efforts to provide a stronger environment for the children in Ghana.


Turkish Airlines has provided extra luggage for our trips to Kenya and Ghana. They have been an important factor for us to ship the equipment.
A big thanks to Turkish Airlines!


JuulCph is a sportsbrand, made to raise money for Sport Creates Memories. They donate a percentage of their profit, every time they sell a product. JuulCph is an important sponsor, and has also sponsored a football club in Kenya, by the name of SCM-LauraJuul.
We are so lucky to have JuulCph as a partner and appreciate their good work in selling sports clothing to make a difference. has been responsible for a nationwide collection of used goalkeeper gloves with the aim of donating them to Africa. In addition, they have gathered a generous amount of money for this purpose. We would like to express our gratitude to them for their significant support and contribution to our projects in Africa.