Besides creating football clubs in Africa, we've also had a few special events primarily hosted in Denmark.
Read more below about these special events.

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Football for kids affected by cancer

In 2020 we held a football day for children affected by cancer in Copenhagen. In 2021 we held one more football day for children affected by cancer, this time for another part of Denmark (Hobro).

Football for kids in Ghana

In the summer 2021 we held 7 football days around Ghana. The events was hold in poor areas where we had around 100-300 children each place. All children got the best football experience, a football uniform and a football.

(Language in danish)

(Language in danish)

Homes for vulnerable children

In September - October 2021 we held football events on places for vulnerable children in Denmark. The places is called “Julemærkehjemmene” and it is homes for children who have experienced abuse and other difficult experiences in life. We went out on all 5 homes to give them the best football day and a lot of memories though sport.